my photo

No, that's not my dog in the banner. You can find pictures of them on my General page (and one of them really is a shaggy mutt!)

Just so you know the difference, I'm the one on the left, sitting on Wave Rock in western Australia.

This website shows holiday photos from a few of the places I've visited over the years. You'll find snaps from St Petersburg, all the way down to Patagonia in Southern Chile, plus a few places in between.

Most of the photographs have been taken with a Canon 70D SLR. Lenses include a 55-250 telephoto and a 10-22 wide angle zoom. There are also a small number taken on my Samsung Galaxy phone.

As well as my website, I've been persuaded to start using social media sites. I can't imagine that anyone wants to read my thoughts on Twitter but, if you want to have a look, I have set up an Instagram account

Finally, thanks to Karen, my long suffering wife. At times she must feel like a photo widow.

Between travels I also study Tai Chi and I've a Lee Style Tai Chi page if you want to find out more